In Focus

A Focus Group Facility

Understanding the "why" and "how" of consumer decision making is the major objective of qualitative research. Utilizing focus groups and in-depth interviews, among other approaches, we are able to recognize and understand the reasoning for particular behaviors and attitudes.

Qualitative research methods can also complement survey research in that they can highlight and clarify trains of thought while uncovering how individuals came to their conclusions. For example, in some cases, focus groups can be used to assist in the developing of survey questions. In other cases, attention may be turned to delving more deeply into understanding the reasoning that underlies broader public opinion as determined from survey research.

Located in the Prospect Building at 1501 North University Avenue in the Heights neighborhood of Little Rock, Arkansas. We offer the following services:

  • Conference Room Seats For Up To 15 Participants In A Focus Group
  • Observation Room With A Two-Way Mirror That Seats 12. 
  • Professional Digital Recording Video And Audio Equipment
  • Wireless Internet Throughout Facility
  • In-House Professional Recruiting
  • Transcription Services
  • Bi-Lingual (Spanish) Moderator Available
  • Catering
  • Closed Circuit Viewing 
  • Kitchen
  • Client Lounge‚Äč

In Focus also conducts off-site focus groups in locations where there are no focus group facilities, using hotels or other available facilities. These groups are also recorded with audio and video with observation available via televised feed to a nearby observation location.