A Focus Group Facility

Founded in 1983 by social scientists Ernest J. Oakleaf, PhD, and Zoe D. Oakleaf, PhD, In Focus is an independent, full-service focus group facility that specializes in focus group services for a wide for a wide variety of private, commercial, public, governmental, and political clients who need a turn-key solution in to collect quality data and analysis.

Located in the Prospect Building at 1501 North University Avenue in the Heights neighborhood of Little Rock, Arkansas, Opinion Research Associates maintains a, well equipped conference room, a viewing room with a two-way mirror, digital audio and video recording, and wireless Internet.

Our sister company Opinion Research offers insightful and useful information through various methods including survey research, on-site observation, and secondary research for various clients who desire to learn more about their respective markets for planning and strategic purposes.


In Focus

we're more than just a Facility we're your partner!!